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Dealing with the process of product compliance of non-food consumer goods is foremost an information challenge. ProductIP has set the standard for this process for those dealing with the EU market. With the new Base files, they now offer a solution for all other regions worldwide. 


The new Base file functionality launched by ProductIP means that companies dealing with non-food consumer goods now have a single solution for all their product compliance efforts. 

What it's about

The EU new legislative framework for non-food consumer products is not easy to understand for those working in manufacturing, retail or trade. ProductIP has changed that by converting this complex information into a clear Q&A that starts with what you do know: the product. The result, a comprehensive and monitored requirement list. Created within minutes at an unrivalled price and the basis for collecting, reviewing and organising compliance evidence from the supply chain. Now the same is possible for other economic regions worldwide with the new Base files. These base files offer a requirement list with all the placeholders needed. Additionally, you get risk assessment forms that cover the various tricky aspects of the product category. These are in the Verifeyer format enabling you to fill them out via tablets or even smartphones. You can also assign that task to your supplier. Signed off reports and other compliance evidence return to the technical file automatically. No more lost information in cluttered e-mail boxes. Always a clear status on the progress. Well organised documentation. An instant standard operating procedure for your team. These Base files do not have the level of detail to standard as the EU files have. This part should be filled in preferable by third-party testing anyway. The collaboration with them will be very efficient now that you have organised all the documents and risks so clearly.  Users working on Base files will still benefit from MatchIT, the tool matching compliance evidence automatically, from our dedicated document viewer with built-in redaction tool, and from many other functions, just as when making files for the EU market.   Base files are available for Pay As You Go and Enterprise users. Additional services such as Organize, Review and FAST are also available.

Downloadable resource:

Base files explained - PDF

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